Youth podcast “Citizen Power #JU4H” now available!

Participants of the Citizen Power by JoinUs4Health workshops (we wrote about them HERE) have created their own podcast. In doing so, they continued to deepen their knowledge on topics discussed during the workshops in schools, including Urban Health, Citizen Science, Cohort Studies, Fact Checking, and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Citizen Power #JU4H is the title of the podcast where seven young editors, aged 13 to 18, discuss health, science, society and how those topics will look like in THEIR future. Although none of the participants had prior experience in podcast creation, thanks to media competency workshops, each of them developed and hosted their own podcast episode.

The supervisor and coordinator of the workshops and recordings was Marta Rogalewska, an educator and program director of the “Uzdolnieni” Foundation.

The editorial team consists of students from the Academic High School of Bialystok University of Technology: Amelia Pilecka, Monika Walesiuk, Kornel Chomaniuk, Zuzanna Kisielewska, Tobiasz Żukowski, Piotr Bakun, Gabriela Brzozowska.

Episode Topics

Part One – already available!

  1. Where is our place in the city? #UrbanHealth
  2. Young (un)responsible. A scientist is also human. #RRI
  3. What kind of bread are you? 🙂 Humans can be scientists too. #Crowdsourcing
  4. Truth or fake? #FactChecking

Part Two – available from December 11, 2023

  1. Effective (?) ways to get to the truth. #FactChecking
  2. Cut off from the night sky? #UrbanHealth
  3. An invitation you don’t want to miss (not necessarily to Hogwarts). #CohortStudies
  4. Are we afraid of doctors and examinations? #CohortStudies
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