Bialystok PLUS

Bialystok Polish Longitudinal University Study (PLUS)

Main objective:

One of the objectives of this project is to obtain comprehensive information on the health status (including subclinical disorders), genomics, risk factors, health behaviour and sociodemographic data from a large, representative sample of Białystok city inhabitants.

Research focus:

The Białystok PLUS investigates many systems, with the major emphasis on the most common diseases associated with modern lifestyle disorders:

  • cardiovascular
  • metabolic and endocrine
  • neurodegenerative
  • neoplastic and pulmonary
  • gastrointestinal and eye diseases. 

The Bialystok PLUS study describes the current health status of the population providing valuable information both about the development of the diseases but also about psychological and sociological backgrounds that may affect them.


Interview and self-administered questionnaires, extensive set of examinations including whole-body Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) and in-depth biochemical, molecular and genetic analyses.

Study region: Bialystok, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland

Age at enrolment:

20 – 80 years

Time between examinations:

5 years


Medical University of Bialystok, Department of Population Medicine and Lifestyle Diseases Prevention

Head of Institution:

Prof. Karol Kamiński, MD PhD

The offering for JoinUs4Health:

  • Start of data collection: 2018
  • Total number of participants: 10000 invited for the study
  • Number of cohorts: 1
  • Number of examination rounds: up to 5


Additional features

The collected biological material is biobanked in accordance with the highest quality standards. In the Białystok PLUS project, we also perform proteomic, metabolomic and genomic studies. 

Data can be obtained by research teams based on a research protocol application.


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Nov 2018

Number of participants

250 (pilot study) + 888/10000
(examined/to be invited)

Number of examination rounds

1 (ongoing)

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