Deliverables and Milestones by work packages

Deliverables (D) and Milestones (M) are predefined results developed by the various project partners.
The project month, when the output is due/has been delivered is written in square brackets.

Some publicly available outputs can be downloaded.

Work Package 1 – Ethical Aspects

D1.1      Procedures and organisational measures of identifying and recruiting participants and to safeguard their rights and freedoms POPD – Requirement No. 1 [Jun. 2021 / Jul. 2021]

Work Package 2 – Responsible Research and Innovation

D2.1     Methodological guidelines on implementing RRI and crowdsourcing in cohort research for partners [Jun. 2021 / Jun. 2021] Download pdf 

D2.2    Benchmark methodology on implementing RRI and crowdsourcing for ongoing and future projects [Jun. 2023 / Jul. 2023] Download pdf ↓

D2.3    Peer-review publication on factors affecting engagement and uptake of RRI in cohort research [Aug. 2023 / Sep. 2023] Download pdf ↓

M2.1     RRI advisory panel established [Feb. 2021 / Mar. 2021]

M2.2    First round of consultation of the RRI panel [Jul. 2021 / Jul. 2021] Download pdf ↓

M2.3    Second round of consultation of the RRI panel [Jul. 2022/ Aug. 2022] Download pdf ↓

M2.4    Third round of consultation of the RRI panel [Jul. 2023 / Oct. 2023] Download pdf ↓

Work Package 3 – Technical Implementation

D3.1      Report on the technical requirement including tools to be used for webinars [Jun. 2021 / Jun. 2021] Download pdf part 1 – concept ↓, Download pdf part 2 – requirements

D3.2     Report on technical implementation of the platform [Dec. 2022/ Jan. 2023] Download pdf ↓

M3.1      Website is developed [Apr. 2021 / Sep. 2021]

M3.2     Draft version of design specifications, requirements and proposed implementation is circulated to different groups [May 2021 / Jun. 2021] – see D3.1 for download

M3.3     Prototype of platform is available for pilot testing [Aug. 2021 / Feb. 2022]

M3.4     Platform is officially launched and functionalities are monitored [Dec. 2021 / Apr. 2022]

M3.5     User feedback on platform functionality [Aug. 2022 / -]

M3.6     Peer-reviewed publication on platform, use and evaluation [Apr. 2023 / -]

Work Package 4 – Institutional Changes

D4.1       Report on the concept of RRI institutionalization [Oct. 2021 / Nov. 2021]

D4.2      Report on the implementation of institutional changes [Nov. 2022 / Apr. 2023] Download pdf ↓

D4.3      Evaluation report on implemented institutional changes [Dec. 2023 / -] Download pdf 

M4.1     Work plan for implementing institutional changes on the level of cohort governance based on outcomes of kick-off meetings [Jun. 2021 / Sep. 2021]

M4.2     Follow-up meetings: Confirmation of the list of institutional changes that can be adapted in cohort centers [Sep. 2021 / Nov. 2021]

M4.3     Creating a citizen science board at each of the cohorts by preparing internal legal solutions, recruiting members [Oct. 2021 / Nov. 2021]

M4.4     Semi open-access of cohort results policy working [Jan. 2022 / -]

M4.5     Citizen science board – Assessment Online Meeting [Oct. 2022 / Apr. 2023]

M4.6     Implementation of RRI – Assessment online meeting and following internal legal acts [Jan. 2023 / -]

M4.7     Citizen science conference [Aug. 2023 / -]

M4.8     Peer-reviewed publication on institutional changes [Sept. 2023 / -]

M4.9     Exchange of Best Institutional Change Practices – Online Meeting [Oct. 2023 / -]

Work Package 5 – Education

D5.1      Reports on ongoing initiatives that use educational training programs that teach RRI and aim to engage citizens in science [Oct. 2021 / Dec 2021] Download pdf ↓

D5.2      Published recommendations for policy makers to integrate RRI in educational programs [Dec. 2021 / Jan. 2022] Download pdf

D5.3      Report on formal and informal educational activities through which the RRI concept is shared across different educational levels: Department of Epidemiology – Erasmus MC [Dec. 2022 / Jan. 2023] Download pdf

M5.1       Education –Assessment online meeting [Feb. 2023 / Nov. 2022]

D5.4     Online courses on RRI designed for different target groups, ranging from citizens to researchers [Apr. 2023 / -]

M5.2      Core curriculum on RRI and citizen science successfully translated and available online [Jun. 2023 / Sep. 2022]

D5.5     Reports on the engagement of citizens in (online) scientific courses, and contributions of high school and students in scientific research [Sep. 2023 / Oct. 2023] Download pdf ↓

M5.3      Peer-reviewed publication on educational material targeting RRI and cohort research [Aug. 2023 / -]

M5.4      School projects [Oct. 2023 / -]

Work Package 6 – Dissemination, Communication and Engagement

D6.1      Events  [Mar. 2021 / Mar. 2021] Download pdf

D6.2     Policy Brief [Jun. 2022 / Jun 2022] Download pdf

D6.3    Plan for communications, dissemination and community building [Jul. 2021 / Sep 2021] Download pdf

D6.4    Communication and dissemination strategy [Oct. 2021 / Mar. 2022] Download pdf

D6.5     Standard operating procedure document (SOP) to engage high school students via the platform [Dec. 2022 / Jun. 2023] Download pdf

D6.6     Policy brief 2 [Dec. 2023 / -] Download pdf

D6.7     Evaluation report on communication and dissemination strategy [Nov. 2023 / -]

M6.1     Joint concept of communication and dissemination strategies developed for the citizen science board [Apr. 2021 / Apr. 2021]

M6.2     Concept of communication and dissemination strategy both in online and offline environment [Jun. 2021 / Mar. 2022]

M6.3     Concept of evaluation activities concerning communication and dissemination strategy execution [Oct. 2021 / Nov. 2021]

M6.4     Concept of standard operating procedures for activities in schools (competition, internet platform usage, on-line courses, classes) [May 2022 / Jan. 2023]

M6.5     Peer-reviewed publication on engagement, communication and dissemination [Nov. 2023 / -]

Work Package 7 – Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

D7.1      Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework [Aug. 2021 / May 2022] Download pdf

D7.2     Data management plan [Oct. 2021 / Apr. 2022]

D7.3     Final M&E report [Oct. 2023 / Dec. 2023] Download pdf

D7.4     (defined during mid-term review) Experiences as consortium [Oct. 2023 / Apr 2023] Download pdf

D7.5     Experiences with citizen science [Feb. 2024] Download pdf

M7.1      M&E report I with potential updates to the M&E framework [Feb. 2022 / Mar. 2023]

M7.2     M&E report II with potential updates to the M&E framework [Feb. 2023/ -]

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