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Join a community of problem solvers to explore population health challenges and address the most pressing health issues.

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We want people to live better and healthier lives thanks to understanding, trust and commitment to science.
Health innovation hub

We invite you to exchange your thoughts, questions and ideas on our platform. Here you can develop specific projects and network with other people. As a team of eleven partner institutions from Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, we are here to support you in developing and implementing your ideas for better health together.

Participate in tasks or teams to directly contribute your ideas, votes, or time

Join our virtual Research Café to take part in the discussion

Attend our seminars to learn more about the scientific approaches and methods of RRI

We offer you a wide range of opportunities for different levels of commitments.
Visit our platform and get to know different ideas and approaches
How it works

We support you with our experience as scientists and by processing results from three population-based long-term studies. The platform offers you a space to contribute your own proposals, vote on others’ suggestions and lead or contribute to tasks or teams.

Get involved!

Do you want more than just being a regular platform user? Here’s how you can contribute:

Advisory Board for Citizen Science (monthly meetings)

  • advise on the technical implementation of the JoinUs4Health platform;
  • propose decisions and prepare responses to applications arising from JoinUs4Health contributors (e.g. working groups, decision on voting results);
  • contribute to the content and timing of press releases and joint publications;
  • puropose, discuss and initiate ideas in relation to JoinUs4Health;
  • revise requests, demands, proposal and decisions related to the engagement process via the JoinUs4Health platform or other means
  • support the dissemination of project, scientific or societal outputs.

Monitoring and Evaluation group (quarterly meetings)

  • engage in the decision process of the ongoing project and review project reports and other aspects related to management, monitoring and evaluation;
  • examine indicators and risks and provide strategic advice. 
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