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Our vision

The JoinUs4Health project follows the vision, that people could live better and healthier lives through understanding, trust, and engagement in science. For that purpose, eleven partners from three European countries formed the JoinUs4Health consortium including three universities implementing cohort research.

Through JoinUs4Health, anybody shall be given the opportunity to:
  • benefit from our health and population research
  • influence science and contribute ideas
  • work together with citizens, scientists and other groups
  • develop proposed solutions for health-related questions or challenges

Our concept

We want to connect people to health and population research via a platform. On this platform, everybody has the chance to contribute to discussions and suggest topics that should be looked deeper into by the whole community. It’s up to you, how much you want to be involved. To give a clearer picture about possibilities of personal engagement, we distinguish between:
  • Low-level interactions (community level) Involvement is based on suggesting, voting, and commenting on topics.
  • High-level interactions (team level) Involvement is characterised by a more facilitating role. You can plan and facilitate a discussion and support your team with relevant information like research data from cohort studies.

Low-level interactions

Our concept allows anyone to:

► submit suggestions, tasks or information needs concerning health and population research
► prioritize suggestions through voting
► work together with other volunteers from different societal groups
        ▸ tasks performed by individuals
        ▸ supported teams
► present results
► use learning opportunities and expand knowledge through scientific exchange

High-level interactions

Engaged teams, working on a health topic, can request access to customized cohort results (lifestyle and health data). The three cohorts with more than 27.000 study participants to date have been operating for up to 30 years in their region and continue to generate extensive data as well as scientific results.

Cohort results could be used by teams to gain an insight how scientific  data might support or reject assumptions about certain health topics. 

The crowdsourcing approach backed by in-depth cohort research could potentially form a basis for community-level health innovation and targeted awareness campaigns making use of diversity and the collective intelligence of the communities in the study regions.

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The website updates every fourth wednesday of the month and a monthly newsletter will be available from october 2021.
Join Us to shape knowledge through innovation and systematic exchange.
We make your interests, needs, votes and contributions count.

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