Objectives and Work Packages

JoinUs4Health has five Objectives that are covered by seven related Work Packages:

Objective 1:

Establish and review a conceptual framework based on the idea, that diverse societal groups can engage in research directly, turning the world into a living science lab where everybody can participate in a co-creative manner.

► Work Package 1 – Ethical Aspects (Responsible: Birgit Schauer) ► Work Package 2 – Responsible Research and Innovation (Responsible: Hub Zwart)

Objective 2:

Develop, test and apply an open digital platform to facilitate engagement in science for every interested citizen and by applying a standardized operating mechanism to enable people to work together on health research questions in a secure online environment.

► Work Package 3 – Technical Implementation (Responsible: Birgit Schauer)

Objective 3:

Explore, implement and monitor necessary institutional changes to open the scientific world for citizens through information, education, communication, transparency, exchange and some form of reward system for participants.

► Work Package 4 – Institutional Changes (Responsible: Pawel Sowa)

Objective 4:

Advance responsible research and citizen science through education, so everybody can participate and develop a wider knowledge and better comprehension of academic work and its results.

► Work Package 5 – Education (Responsible: Silvan Licher)

Objective 5:

Promote citizens’ engagement and communicate and disseminate outputs, in diverse ways that reach different groups of the society.

► Work Package 6 – Communication, Dissemination and Engagement (Responsible: Lukasz Kiszkiel)

► Work Package 7 – Management, monitoring and evaluation (Responsible: Birgit Schauer).

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