Unawareness of glucose metabolism disorders in the population of Bialystok

Data collected in Bialystok PLUS indicated that 7.14% of the total study population had a known diagnosis of diabetes. However, based on laboratory tests within our study, we found that pre-diabetic status was present in approximately 40%. The absence of impaired glucose metabolism affected approximately 47%. In addition, we identified a further 6.76% of diabetics for the first timeas part of their participation in Bialystok PLUS, following an oral glucose load test (OGTT). Early diagnosis of pre-diabetes and diabetes reduces the risk of developing serious complications, reduces the risk of progression to overt diabetes, and we have the opportunity to incorporate cardiovascular preventive measures. Furthermore, earlier recognition and treatment of conditions of impaired carbohydrate metabolism reduces the outlay funded for health care in this area.

Source: https://www.mp.pl/paim/issue/article/16407/ accesed 4th of Feb, 2023

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