Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska 

I am a sociologist and social activist focusing on the activation of local communities and on the empowerment of citizens in the social and political dialogue with the authorities. My topics of interests are open science, social and civic participation and civic tech. I have a PhD in Sociology, work in the SocLab Foundation and give lectures in the Institute of Sociology at the University of Bialystok (Poland). I am also a trainer and facilitator using the Design Thinking methodology.

In JoinUs4Health I am responsible for involving the citizens of Bialystok in the project. My task is to encourage the engagement of citizens and other societal actors into the dialogue with researchers and their participation in crowdsourcing processes. Here I am focusing on NGOs, elderly people, pupils and teachers. Next to that, I am responsible for facilitating the Citizen Science Board and organising the Science Festival.

In JoinUs4Health I am most of all looking forward to engage citizens of Bialystok in our project activities. In the RRI idea, I primarily like the linking of problem solving in science with the engagement of the ordinary citizen.  For me the most interesting aspect in our project is the effective interest of non-governmental organizations, students and other social actors in the cooperation within the project. Moreover, for me the key question in JoinUs4Health is: How can ordinary citizens become social scientists and make real contributions to the development of science.

Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska

SocLab Fondation
Zwierzyniecka 17/16
Bialystok 15-312, Poland

Telephone: +48 601 155 546

E-Mail: k.sztop-rutkowska@soclab.org.pl

Website: https://soclab.org.pl/


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