Citizen Science Week 2023: Healthy Cities. Summary

Thank you to everyone who joined our Citizen Science Week 2023 – a series of events dedicated to Healthy Cities. We talked about new trends in urban planning and scientific findings on how urban space affects our health and wellbeing. We showed concrete solutions and positive models implemented in Europe. At offline meetings in Bialystok […]

Youth podcast “Citizen Power #JU4H” now available!

Participants of the Citizen Power by JoinUs4Health workshops (we wrote about them HERE) have created their own podcast. In doing so, they continued to deepen their knowledge on topics discussed during the workshops in schools, including Urban Health, Citizen Science, Cohort Studies, Fact Checking, and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Citizen Power #JU4H is the title […]

The conference “Towards Comprehensive Population Studies II”

The Medical University of Bialystok and Bialystok were the capital of European cohort studies over the past weekend. The University hosted the second edition of the international scientific conference ‘Towards Comprehensive Population Studies’. It was organised by the UMB Population Research Centre team.  Almost 120 experts from around the world were invited. The conference provided […]

The innovative concept of the Urban Health Pathway. Online lecture (7 December 2023)

We will talk about innovative urban space design together with older people. Its originators are Natalia Bursiewicz and Anna Szewczenko. The project is called Urban Health Path and involves seniors getting to know their neighbourhood and being physically active in public spaces. It is a form of ‘urban therapy’ in which architectural elements such as […]

Blue-green cities. Meeting with Jan Mencwel (6 December 2023)

Paraphrasing a well-known quote, we can exclaim in Bialystok “Make the Biała River great again!”. It’s just a bit of a joke, because there’s a lot of truth in it about how much we don’t pay attention in our cities to rivers – sometimes small, but extremely important for both urban ecosystems and residents. So […]

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