Platform Topic: Climate Change & Health

Climate change is an urgent global issue, and its effects are far-reaching, impacting not only the environment but also public health. Recognizing the critical need for discussion and action, representatives of the public health service (district level) have come together for a four-part virtual event series. This series aims to address pressing questions and issues related to the intersection of climate change and public health.

On the first two days of the series, participants discussed and identified the most relevant issues from the public service perspective. These key questions include for example: What influence has heat on metabolism? How are heat days defined and at what threshold should one pay attention?

The series will continue in December, where the teams working on these key questions will present their findings and discuss possible solutions. 

To learn more about the topic and to participate, please visit

(Foto von Jarosław Kwoczała auf Unsplash)

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