Katarzyna Stempniak

I am a Digital Strategist with a DIMAQ Professional certificate in White Bits consulting agency. Since 2005 I have worked with corporate clients in the area of digital communication. I also work as a university teacher (MBA) and activist working to attract more women into the tech industry.

In JoinUs4Health I am responsible for developing the plan for communications, dissemination, community building and branding. Furthermore, together with White Bits we are responsible for social media management and evaluation of key performance indicators related to social media.

For me, the most interesting and challenging aspect in JoinUs4Health is to explore how online communication and social media can help to engage people in the process of creating science.

Katarzyna Stempniak

White Bits
Ogrodniczki 3f
Białystok, Poland

E-Mail: kasia.stempniak@whitebits.pl

Website: https://whitebits.pl/en/


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