Our Platform is online! Be one of the first to pitch your health related projects and ideas

The Platform JoinUs4Health is open for everybody who wants to share their ideas for health related projects to the community or just to look at already existing topics and suggestions. Maybe you want to join already existing topics as a contributor or dive right in and start a whole new idea. It’s totally up to you! We are happy to see you on our platform as part of the growing JoinUs4Health-Community.

Our main focus now lies on establishing first use cases and reaching out to more people who get into our platform. So follow activities on our platform or contribute your own suggestions and ideas and be part of the JoinUs4Health Community! 

Here is an overview of our latest outreach activities in Germany:

  • We presented the platform at the Communal Health Conference in Pasewalk (19/09) and at the Market of Possibilitiesin Greifswald (10/10). Both events allowed us to share information, and gather ideas and feedback to improve and adapt the platform to your needs
  • From 26/09 to 07/10 , Birgit Schauer, the JoinUs4Health coordinator, participated in the initiative “I am a scientist”. In four 30-minute chats, Birgit interacted with 4th and 9th grade pupils on science-related questions and answered questions via posts (see https://infektionen22.imascientist.de/profile/birgitschauer/)
  • On 19/10, Birgit Schauer and Tabea Troschke led a workshop “Crowdsourcing as a method to promote Responsible Research and Innovation in cohort research” at the online communication event @One Health Camp and Birgit participated as one of four experts in the afternoon fishbowl discussion “Communicating Sciene – a necessary tool for individual careers or a public mission” (see https://onehealth-greifswald.de/en/one-camp/)
  • We published an internet tip in the Blickpunkt, the online magazine of the Academy for Public Health, to inform public health authorities about the project and platform (see https://www.akademie-oegw.de/fileadmin/customers-data/Blickpunkt/Blickpunkt_2022/Ausgabe_3/Blickpunkt_03_22.pdf; page 7)
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