How do young people talk about health? See the campaign of the winners of ,,Hackathon for Health”!

A social campaign encouraging people to change their sedentary lifestyles is the result of the JU4H Youth Hackathon for Health. The event took place in spring 2023 in Bialystok as an important part of the JoinUs4Health project.

The young people worked on data collected as part of the Bialystok PLUS population research project. Under the supervision of researchers from the Medical University of Bialystok and mentors, the students created concepts for social campaigns talking about important health challenges.

The winning idea was that of a team from the Second High School in Bialystok – “Conversations with Hummingbird.” – which addressed the problem of sedentary lifestyles. As shown by a survey of the population of Bialystok, but also global trends, we sit too much every day, which promotes the development of many diseases: from diabetes to cancer.

Young creatives faced this challenge and created as many as 2 concepts to encourage movement!

Campaign I: “Get healthy!”

Concept: How many times do we utter the wish “much health”? Instead of wishing for health, offer healthy solutions and invite loved ones to get active!

Campaign II: “Level up your life”

Concept: A healthy lifestyle is like a game! It’s the resultant of lots of little choices. Every day we play for health – we win by choosing to move.

See also the footage of the creation of the film “Level up your life”

Concept and performance: young people from the Second High School named after Princess Anna of Sapieha Yablonovska in Bialystok
Mentor: Marta Rogalewska
Video: Attention Maker /

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