Events in 2022

Jan  Information Event 1 for cohort participants of SHIP in DE [virtual]

Jan  CS boards and ME groups 2022/01

Feb  Seminar to introduce full release of platform

Mar  Research café 1

Mar  Information event 2 for cohort participants

Apr  Involvement of NGO’s

Apr  CS boards and ME groups 2022/02

May  Event 1 for public health reprentatives

Jun  Quadruple helix workshop: Bialystok PLUS 1

Jul  CS boards and ME groups 2022/03

Aug  Erasmus Summer Program 2022 (NIHES)

Oct  Competition for schools

Oct  CS boards and ME groups 2022/04

Nov  JoinUs4Health conference 2022: Global

Events in 2021

Aug  Erasmus Summer Program 2021 (NIHES) in NL [virtual/local]

Nov  Start of pilot test and seminar to introduce prototype of platform in DE, NL, PL [virtual]

Nov  1st annual Consortium Meeting in DE, NL, PL [virtual]

Nov  First official meeting of the Citizen Science Boards and Monitoring & Evaluation Groups in DE, NL, PL  [virtual]

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