Bialystok PLUS updates

Bialystok PLUS is starting work on a new follow-up study protocol. At this stage it is planned to involve members of the Citizen Science Board and the Monitoring and Evaluation Group – we want to know their feelings and expectations about the direction of the research in the next phase of the Bialystok PLUS project. 

Our cohort study will soon change its location. In the newly established Population Research Centre on the premises of the University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok, we will be able to carry out all the research in a much wider scope than before. Thismeans that the number of available examination dates will increase. It will also be a place where we will be able to hold scientific discussions, open to everyone, not only those representing the scientific and medical community, but also NGOs, citizens. 

Together with the Department of Promotion of Medical University of Bialystok, we prepared a film in the series ‘Now I know’, in which we wanted to explain in a simple way what population and clinical research is all about. In the film we showed many scenes from the research carried out as part of Bialystok PLUS. Link: 

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