Anual conference T!Raum One-Health-Region Vorpommern on June 10, 2024 in Greifswald

What is a One Health region? How do we achieve it? Who contributes to realizing the vision of a One Health region in Western Pomerania? The T!Raum Initiative One-Health-Region Vorpommern will address these questions together with representatives from politics, business, culture, administration and civil society at its annual conference on June 10, 2024 at thePommerschen Landesmusuem in Greifswald.

“One Health is more than just a research concept. We already find One Health in many areas of healthcare, in agriculture and in other sectors. In the One Health region, we are going one step further, because in all decisions and actions from school meals to the construction of cycle paths, the question of the importance for the health of humans, animals and the environment in our region should be asked,” explains Prof. Dr. Steffen Fleßa, initiative spokesperson for the One Health Region Vorpommern.

The question of how the inclusion of One Health can succeed in all economic, political, social and legal decisions and in practical implementation will be discussed together.

Further information and the program can be found here:

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