JoinUs4Health and cohort studies

Cohort studies provide several advantages for implementing the concept of JoinUs4Health:

  • long-term implementation in the local community, 
  • generation of large databases and in-depth examination and 
  • follow-up of health and risk factors. 


We strongly believe that knowledge could be created in much closer proximity to society to stimulate interactive forms of knowledge production, bridging the science-society divide and fostering open science and inclusive innovation. 

JoinUs4Health and Responsible Research and Innovation

JoinUs4Health offers you and your communities options to explore new ways of interacting and working with each other. Furthermore, we open a path to apply for cohort results tailored to your questions (conditions apply). 

JoinUs4Health shall:

  • bring communities together with the aim to live healthy and happy lives together
  • look engage a large number of people to look at health from a population perspective
  • provide a controlled environment (no open forum)
  • provide semi-open access to up to three decades of health data from three countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Poland)

From funders to policy officers, research centre directors and representatives of learned societies, whether at a European, national, or local scale


Researchers, innovators, research managers, public affairs and communication officers, and all those who support the diversity of the R&I system


Teachers, students, science museums’ staff, families and all those concerned with education at all levels


From contractors and SMEs to large transnational companies with strong R&I activity


From individuals to organisations, NGOs and the media, civil society is crucial to shape the R&I our society needs

Innovation and engagement in JoinUs4Health

The concept distinguishes between low- and high-level interactions.

Low-level interactions (community-level) include the steps suggest, vote and select if sufficient team members have been found.

At the team level (high-level interactions), voluntary contributors can cooperate in facilitated teams and report their outputs via the platform, which are then disseminated.

JoinUs4Health distinguishes between three types of votes:

  • Governing vote: “I support this suggestion”
  • Active vote: “ I am willing to volunteer / donate some of my time towards contributing to this topic / task” 
  • Passive vote: “I am interested in this topic / more details” 


Through these different votes, you can decide whether you want to:

  • support decision-making (governing vote)
  • get active and right into it (active vote)
  • lay back (for now) and rather consume what others produce (passive vote)
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