1st Sustainability Action Day on June 6, 2024 on the Berthold-Beitz-Platz campus in Greifswald

What is actually going on on campus in terms of sustainability and climate protection and who are the people behind it?

What does lupin coffee taste like and what are legumes good for? Answers to these and other questions will be provided by the first joint Sustainability Action Day of the University Greifswald, University Medicine Greifswald and Studierendenwerk on June 6, 2024. Everyone who is interested in and committed to sustainability is cordially invited!

At information stands, there will be opportunities to talk about topics such as climate protection, energy, nutrition, mobility, moors, gardening, social sustainability, health, clinics and anesthesia.
Also on offer: a discussion round, themed campus tours, a seed and plant stock exchange with a repotting station, a quiz and free lupin coffee and new muesli varieties for everyone who wants them.

Further information and the program can be found here:

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